Site Investigation

Site Investigation & Contaminant Characterization

For over 3 decades, ECC has been investigating site impacts for Fortune 500 companies, small business owners, municipalities, and property owners across the nation.

ECC has completed investigations on 1000’s of projects including large commercial/industrial properties, dry-cleaning facilities, schools and universities, gas stations, public housing and residential homeowners.

We have expertise in investigating petroleum, solvents, metals and other contaminants. Site investigation services include:

A Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) is required by legal or lending institutions for future owners to demonstrate “due diligence” in order to exonerate themselves from any issues associated with the property.

A properly prepared ESA will document the currently observed conditions of the property to avoid potential environmental problems in the future. No laboratory analysis or environmental sampling will be performed under the Phase I scope of work.

We have decades of experience undertaking Phase I inspections and can identify issues of concern, including those which may be hidden.

A Phase II Environmental Site Assessment is performed following a Phase I site assessment designed to resolve any questions that may arise regarding the findings of questionable materials such as ground or surface water, air, soil or any visually observed materials of concern.

Our trained and certified consultants will collect area and media specific samples that are submitted to an independent laboratory for analysis.  The data collected during the Phase II investigation will determine what additional steps must be taken going forward.

When pollution issues are identified at a site, the nature and extent of such impacts must be completely defined. Our trained and certified scientists will develop a plan on how to best characterize the sub-surface condition and collect soil and groundwater samples as necessary to determine how far the contamination has spread. 

If needed, we can model aquifer dynamics to predict contaminant movement. All resulting data is used to develop an appropriate remediation plan.

Remediation Services

We've been cleaning up pollution sites for our clients since 1986.

Our engineering teams design and implement efficient soil and groundwater remediation systems for any site condition. We deliver fast cleanup and cost-effective remedies.

Whether a release was ca

used by a small spill or a catastrophic contamination event, we restore the property efficiently, economically and predictably.


We have decades of experience treating subsurface impacts without invasive property damage. Our goal is to minimize disposal, restoration and relocation costs in order to achieve the most desirable outcomes possible.


We reduce long-term project costs by upgrading or replacing obsolete remedial systems to increase cleanup effectiveness and improve responses to changing site conditions and regulations.

Remediation Planning and Design

Our environmental remediation management professionals accommodate your specific goals, meeting stakeholder expectations and regulatory requirements by providing comprehensive strategies designed to reduce and eliminate your environmental issues. We develop and execute remediation liability strategies on time and on budget. We have a proven track record of providing quality assurance, a safe work environment, and consistent results by leveraging our strong regulatory relationships and project management capabilities.


Due Diligence Reviews

File & Records Searches

System Engineering

Licensed Professionals

Key Stakeholder Communications

Regulatory Communication & Management

Groundwater Remediation

Persistent groundwater contamination is often the greatest obstacle to effective environmental cleanup.

In some cases, groundwater conditions respond to periodic monitoring, appropriate use restrictions or protective barriers. In other instances, the best solution is active treatment and remediation. When cleanup is required, our systems are engineered to work quickly and avoid long-term costs.



Carbon Adsorption

Chemical Oxidation



Dual Phase Vacuum Extraction

Reactive Barriers

Chemical Reduction

Soil Remediation

Soil contamination is among the most common types of property pollution. Remediation strategies for these conditions depend on the character, concentration and extent of damages. When active repair is impractical or too costly, alternative strategies such as property use restrictions, protective barriers and periodic monitoring may offer the best solutions.


Chemical Oxidation

Soil Vapor Extraction

Excavation & Removal


Complete Pollution Remediation Packages

ECC assesses and resolves commercial and residential indoor air quality problems for a broad range of clients across the nation. We have completed air quality projects for the nation’s largest companies, complex commercial properties, public housing, and homeowners.

We have expertise in indoor air contamination related to volatile organic compounds, mold, asbestos, and lead.


Chemical Decontamination

Contaminant Encapsulation

Sub-Slab Depressurization

Vapor Mitigation

Vapor Intrusion Coatings

Ventilation System Optimization

ECC has the skills and capabilities to evaluate vapor intrusion issues at your property as well as design and implement the solution.

Our experience includes large commercial and industrial properties, government facilities, schools and homes. We have designed and installed systems in new construction as well as retrofitting systems into existing buildings and structures.

We can provide turn key design solutions that include option evaluation, full system design, construction supervision, system commissioning and the development and implementation of required air monitoring plans. If there’s a regulatory component, we are skilled at working with authorities to provide a system that meets air quality requirements.

ECC has established itself as a leader in mold remediation services.

From assessing impacts and designing a remediation protocol to ensuring the remedy is implemented appropriately, our certified and licensed experts are your one-stop shop for getting mold issues under control.

Our mold contamination services include:

Testing & Assessment
Cause & Origin Investigations
Remediation Protocol (work plan) Development
Abatement Management & Contractor Oversight
Long Term Mold Surveillance & Healthy Environment Determination

.Our experts can immediately evaluate the hazard posed by asbestos in your work or living environment. To protect owners against unnecessary and improper abatement, we have established standard protocols and cost tables to assure clients across the nation that remediation activities are being completed effectively and within industry standards.

Older buildings are susceptible to lead paint problems that are particularly dangerous to children and pregnant women.

We leverage our considerable indoor air quality expertise to handle lead in the same way – providing trained professionals to conduct assessments and removal services, delivering a remedy that’s efficient and cost effective.

Emergency Response

We're there when you need us most

ECC provides 24-hr/day, 365-day/year emergency response services across the nation. We have over 1000 emergency response contractors in our network and can quickly respond to incidents anywhere in the United States.

Our goal is to control costs by responding appropriately, and to transition each emergency response situation into a standard response effort as soon as possible.

Contact us for more information.


We Resolve Pollution Liabilities and Close Claims

For over 30 years, our insurance clients have confidently relied on our ability to understand and respond to their individual needs while we assist in resolving their complex environmental liabilities.

Our in-house professionals are seasoned – many with over 20 years of pollution mitigation experience – and come from a variety of backgrounds, including industrial manufacturing,regulatory agencies, insurance organizations, and major consulting firms.

The depth and breadth of this experience allows us to balance the needs and demands of a variety of stakeholders while we prioritize data and provide value-driven solutions.


When it comes to pollution claims, we know that immediate action produces the best results. Whether a claim is caused by a simple spill or a catastrophic event, we help insurers and their customers assess their exposures quickly so they can take informed action.

Services include reviewing regulatory or claimant demands, assessing existing data from all available sources, evaluating proposed response services and costs, and auditing invoices to assess whether services provided were necessary, properly rendered and appropriately charged.

In other instances, oversight may mean visiting an insured’s property, observing and documenting in-progress investigation or remediation activities, or participating in meetings with regulatory agencies or claimants to be the eyes and ears for our clients.

We know our insurance clients handle hundreds of claim files… let us keep tabs on the technical and scientific components of these files so you can focus on the insurance aspects.

More and more every day, our insurance clients are trying to understand the likely cost of a claim and time frame to closure to aid in reserve setting. If this sounds like you, let us help.

We will take into account all available data at the time and provide a data-driven estimate to support your reserve setting decisions. When data is unavailable, we will use our extensive experience to define reasonable and rational assumptions about likely future outcomes. Our forecasting methods rely on 30 years of detailed data collection and experience resolving thousands of pollution claims.

When it comes to predicting costs and time frames for claim resolution, we provide the tools that insurers need to confidently set reserves for ongoing and uncertain pollution claims.


We have a national reputation for solving complex pollution problems quickly and cost effectively.

State licensed professionals are required in many states to resolve property pollution issues. In some states, our licensed professionals act as independent regulators without State oversight.

Choosing the right state licensed professional is the first step toward resolving pollution liabilities quickly and economically. We’re sensitive to the economic burdens that environmental compliance can impose on property owners and other responsible parties. That’s why we’re committed to providing the most efficient solutions to restore property and ensure our clients’ success.


ECC Horizon’s Stale Licensed Professionals have more state specific experience repairing property pollution damage than anyone else.

Whether you’re developing a property for reuse, restoring its fair market value, or simply eliminating liability, we’ll provide the solutions you need to succeed.


Site investigation

Regulatory Communication

Compliance Cost Control

Remediation Budget Planning

Remediation Vendor Oversight

Project Completion


Industrial Properties

Fuel oil, diesel and gas spills

Chlorinated solvent impacts

Dry cleaners

Auto & truck service stations

Historic landfill contamination


We provide technical support services and prepare expert opinions for presentation in reports, depositions and trials.

ECC provides expert testimony, research, technical assistance and other litigation support services regarding causation, cost assessment and allocation, usual and customary practices, evaluation of services rendered, compliance cost estimating, co-mingled plume evaluations, and environmental forensics. 

We also provide technical assistance and support in regulatory negotiations with government agencies and advise in the development of compliance planning and design strategies.


Persuasive data visualization graphics

Historical site use and event time frame forensics

Contamination source identification

Document discovery assistance

Trial preparation and demonstratives

Document & report preparation

Assisting in preparing for fact and expert witness depositions

Assisting in preparing for opposing expert depositions

Development of trial exhibits