We Resolve Pollution Liabilities and Close Claims

For over 30 years, our insurance clients have confidently relied on our ability to understand and respond to their individual needs while we assist in resolving their complex environmental liabilities.

Our in-house professionals are seasoned – many with over 20 years of pollution mitigation experience – and come from a variety of backgrounds, including industrial manufacturing,regulatory agencies, insurance organizations, and major consulting firms.

The depth and breadth of this experience allows us to balance the needs and demands of a variety of stakeholders while we prioritize data and provide value-driven solutions.


When it comes to pollution claims, we know that immediate action produces the best results. Whether a claim is caused by a simple spill or a catastrophic event, we help insurers and their customers assess their exposures quickly so they can take informed action.

Oversight Services

Services include reviewing regulatory or claimant demands, assessing existing data from all available sources, evaluating proposed response services and costs, and auditing invoices to assess whether services provided were necessary, properly rendered and appropriately charged.

In other instances, oversight may mean visiting an insured’s property, observing and documenting in-progress investigation or remediation activities, or participating in meetings with regulatory agencies or claimants to be the eyes and ears for our clients.

We know our insurance clients handle hundreds of claim files… let us keep tabs on the technical and scientific components of these files so you can focus on the insurance aspects.

Reserve Estimation

More and more every day, our insurance clients are trying to understand the likely cost of a claim and time frame to closure to aid in reserve setting. If this sounds like you, let us help.

We will take into account all available data at the time and provide a data-driven estimate to support your reserve setting decisions. When data is unavailable, we will use our extensive experience to define reasonable and rational assumptions about likely future outcomes. Our forecasting methods rely on 30 years of detailed data collection and experience resolving thousands of pollution claims.

When it comes to predicting costs and time frames for claim resolution, we provide the tools that insurers need to confidently set reserves for ongoing and uncertain pollution claims.