In 1986, ECC Horizon began operations as the environmental remediation division of a New Jersey real estate development company. Charged with cleaning up contaminated property for future construction projects, ECC Horizon became expert in solving its parent company’s environmental liabilities.

With continuing success in resolving our own pollution impairments, the firm was soon serving other land developers and industrial companies throughout the region. The reason for this growth was simple; as a property owner skilled in settling its own risk exposures, ECC Horizon knew how to resolve its clients’ liabilities just as effectively.

By 1990, ECC Horizon became an independent environmental consulting and remediation company with a growing list of commercial and industrial clients.

In 1991, ECC Horizon received its first pollution claim assignment from an insurer whose remediation liability had become increasingly complex and costly. After quickly resolving the claim, the firm realized that its broad expertise made it uniquely suited to resolving the most difficult pollution liabilities for insurers and policyholders alike.

After decades of experience and thousands of successfully closed claims, ECC Horizon remains strongly committed to its role as a leading provider of environmental claim resolution, adjustment, and risk management services. And it continues to find and develop exciting new solutions for its clients in the risk resolution marketplace.