Go Anywhere®

As a hardworking claims professional handling losses around the country, how do you find experts and vendors to help resolve claims and serve your customers? Do you search vendor directories, call local businesses, or take someone else’s advice? Do you let your insureds choose? Who can you trust?
For busy claims professionals there’s never been an easy solution… until now.

First in the Nation ... No-Cost Travel

We go to claim sites anywhere in the nation without charge for airfare, lodging, or travel related labor during the life of your claim. We simply treat every location as if it’s “just around the corner”.

From site investigation to remediation, you’ll have the convenience, continuity and efficiency of working with the same ECC Horizon team wherever you’re handling claims in the US.

Our claim response professionals work around the clock every day. We take the uncertainty out of handling long distance pollution claims by delivering reliable advice and seasoned judgment to help you make informed decisions…every time.

We're on call 24 hours a day at 844-322-1911.

With our nationwide Go Anywhere® travel program...
... Everywhere Is Just Around The Corner!